About Stowe Vibrancy

Events Committee

The Stowe Vibrancy Events Committee meets monthly to plan the four major annual events our volunteer organization produces or co-produces.

Almost all of Stowe Vibrancy’s annual events, are open to the public and free of an entrance fee. What this means to the wider community is significant. Stowe community events help:

  • enhance Stowe’s historic Main Street appeal and increase the vitality of village life;
  • foster a sense of pride in the local Stowe community by bringing our neighbors together and engaging everyone in highly visible and destination-worthy events and festivals;
  • increase the positive reputation of Stowe Village as a vibrant historic Vermont downtown, which elevates the overall visitor experience for the Town of Stowe. This, in turn, becomes an economic driver as it boosts repeat tourist visits and new visitor engagement;
  • optimize our beautiful outdoor public spaces in the Village and up the Mountain Road for cultural, social and recreational events.

This group of committed Stowe-area volunteers know how to work hard and play hard, while never forgetting that events should be FUN! If you have interest in helping us plan and produce Stowe community events, we welcome your involvement. Please reach out to the Events Committee by emailing us at info@stowevibrancy.com.


Stowe Economic Enhancement and Development Committee 

Board Chair Elise McKenna has taken the lead of the Stowe Economic Enhancement and Development Committee. A critical part of our mission is to ensure the overall economic success of the Village – and community as a whole – and this committee’s work is focused on that effort.

Importantly, this group helps enact needed town policy recommendations and other goals and specific tasks laid out in Stowe Vibrancy’s 2020 Village Vision report.

There is much to do on this front for a volunteer organization, so if you are interested in having a voice in this process, we welcome your involvement.  

Please reach out to Elise by email at emckenna@hpdpconsulting.com




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