Economic Development

Stowe Vibrancy has led or participated in numerous projects and events in Stowe Village over the past nine years. These include the development of a small “Village Green,” installation of decorative plantings and gardens, implementing seasonal street banners and hanging plantings, developing and financing seasonal displays in the village, and lighting Main Street during the winter holiday season.

The Design & Economic Development Committee led the Stowe Village Vision Task Force in producing “Stowe 2020 – A Vision for Stowe Village” – a planning document that outlines our challenges and opportunities over the next five years.

Stowe Vibrancy recently presented its “half-time report” on the Stowe 2020 Village Vision to the Town of Stowe, which was favorably received by the Select-board and attending residents. Stowe Reporter reported on this presentation.

More significantly, Stowe Vibrancy is leading the charge to help enact needed policy recommendations and specific tasks laid out in the report.

As part of our 2020 vision for the future of our community, Stowe Vibrancy supports the sidewalk and power line relocation projects in historic Stowe Village. Please check out this great video produced by a hardworking group of dedicated community leaders who endorse these Stowe Village improvements.

Our re-named Stowe Economic Enhancement and Development Committee (SEED) will work with the Town, community leaders and organizations, to seed ideas and support funds for continued investment in the vibrancy of the Village.



Additionally, our letter to the editor, appears in the October 11, 2018 edition of the Stowe Reporter asking for the community to vote in favor of the bonds needed to finance the Main Street sidewalk improvement and utility line relocation:

–Letter to the Editor, Stowe Reporter–

Stowe Vibrancy was formed by a small group of dedicated residents in 2009 with a mission “to increase the vibrancy of the Town of Stowe through the enhancement of social, recreational, cultural, economic, and physical characteristics of the Village”. Since then numerous prominent buildings in the historic Village have been improved or totally renovated, and literally hundreds of activities have enhanced the vibrancy of resident and tourist activity. Great progress has been made!

Significant key infrastructure needs remain, however. Our sidewalks and crosswalks are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a hazard to pedestrians, and a potential liability.  Additionally, utility poles have become unsightly and overloaded, as we have added necessary communications, media and internet services.  We now have an opportunity to ensure both of these important infrastructure needs are addressed in a cost-effective way, and we ask for the support for these projects from the voters of Stowe.

The Town of Stowe Select Board is putting forward two articles for consideration on the November ballot to both make the critical improvements to the sidewalks, crosswalks, and road surfaces, and to, simultaneously, relocate our utility lines off of Main Street in the core village.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to relocate the utility lines, since we will be doing the sidewalks at the same time.  The Town is proposing a fair, cost-effective way to fund both projects.  The sidewalk replacement will be paid by a slight increase in the municipal property tax (approximately $8.50 per $100,000 of home valuation).  And the utility line relocation will be funded entirely through the 1% local option tax already being collected.

Like the Town of Stowe itself, Stowe Vibrancy is committed to helping Stowe meet the needs and growing expectations of our residents and visitors alike.  We believe strongly that this investment is a sound one and should be approved.

Click here to read the letter to the Stowe Reporter.

–News release– 


Selectboard Recognizes Work of Stowe Vibrancy

October 15, 2019 – The Town of Stowe Selectboard passed a resolution recognizing the significant impact Stowe Vibrancy has contributed to the social, cultural and economic success of the Town: producing community events, promoting local businesses, working to achieve Vermont Downtown Designation status and advocating for infrastructure improvements in the historic Village. To read the resolution please click here

Enhanced Communications

Stowe Vibrancy partnered with Stowe Cable Systems to provide free Wi-Fi downtown. This free Wi-Fi zone has a 30-minute time limit so as not to compete with Stowe Village businesses that also offer free Wi-Fi to customers. The intention of this amenity is to provide quick and easy access for residents and visitors to search for a place to eat or shop, a place to visit or to send a quick email while Main Street. Users will find “Stowe Village Wi-Fi” in their list of available networks. To log on, one must simply agree to the terms of public and unsecured internet access, and then you are online.  

We also are very excited about our new, fresh and easily navigable website here at, and we thank Vermont Web Marketing for helping make it happen.



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